Bread (15)

£4.99 ea
£1.44 ea
£2.28 ea
£2.64 ea
£2.88 ea

Groceries (51)

£3.56 ea
£3.34 ea
£3.34 ea
£2.65 ea
£2.49 ea

Personal Care & Household Products (22)

£4.75 ea
£2.88 ea
£3.64 ea
£6.19 ea
£5.14 ea

I love getting my box from Locavore every week. It's a real treat!

— Seb, Glasgow

I love the variety and quality we get from our weekly delivery, and have found our food waste is greatly reduced by using Locavore's recipes to use up our well-stocked box of veg every week!

— Andy D, Lenzie

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