D2W Degradable Refuse Sacks

£1.82 per 10 D2W Degradable Refuse Sacks

These biodegradable bin-bags are so good, you'll want to throw them away. After your bag's useful life, it will degrade. The bags will leave nothing more than water, carbon dioxide and a very small amount of biomass. Not intended for composting.

10 bags. Approx sizes: 74cm x 86cm (29" x 34") Rim - 148cm (58")

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Locavore veg tastes better than any other veg, even other organic veg boxes I've tried. I love how the veg boxes work, and knowing my weekly driver is lovely!

— Veg Box subscriber

Your newsletters and related info/shopping/order systems are brill; your drivers are brill; your customer service is brill; and, of course, your produce is brill... You guys are way beyond just a box delivery service.

— Keri W, Ayr

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